Google removed AdGuard from Play Store

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Boo Berry

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Meh, I was afraid that was going to happen. Fortunately the standalone version was already ready to use as a substitute. Can you guys send out a mass e-mail to those who bought Adguard via the Play Store?


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puff... and the worst thing is that the most (really really most!) of people still continue mystifying google, as an "open and friendly company"

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Its funny how google will happly say we will remove this link, that link and give you the right to be forgotten, but soon as it comes to blocking them its a big no-no.

Tbh ive been unhappy with alot of things they done over the years that forcing you to have a G+ account annoyed me along with not being able to comment on youtube without one feedback about this was all completely ignored as they obviously think we all want and need a G+ account. Then their is chrome and the bugs within chrome that never seem to be fixed, they have just gotten more power hungry over the years.

I have been recommending the app to one or two people so i guess ill give them the location for the standalone via a facebook message. Its a great application and i dont see why we should be forced to have unwanted apps on our screens and eating our mobile data some sites open endless amounts of windows and tabs just to make a few more extra bucks.
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