Hang on shutdown under macOS

Flip Phillips

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I've been using AG beta regularly on macOS for the past few years. I tend to run on the latest release OS but sometimes run under developer betas. This all worked swimmingly until recently.

This year, I changed jobs and am now using a managed laptop (the apple management + some JAMF).

I consistently have trouble shutting down the machine with the betas. The machine will hang on shutdown or reboot and only get shutdown by the watchdog timer about 5 minutes later. When I look at the 'improper shutdown' message, the KEXT for AdGuard is always in there as being recently unloaded.

I sent a crash report via the regular routes, but thought I'd post it here also in case this is a known thing.


Support Marine
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Hello, dear @Flip Phillips!
Please install the Nightly version and check if the problem repeats itself. If so, please collect a full log. (Loggin level > Debug).
You can send the archive to me at PM.

Flip Phillips

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So, seems to be 'less frequent' - it's still complaining about `com.adguard.nfext.kext` being the last kext unloaded when it -does-.