Happy Independence Day USA ! ! !


I wanted to say more in facts and our history, but didn't want it to come off in regards as being
too political sounding, or as in a stimuli for it, and in observing the site rules, without a warning
having to be given. I'm generally speaking of our nation, our society, and it's 241st anniversary.
So I settled for the following and ask the same of you, not to get to politically specific in any reply.

From the eyes and mind of an old man born and raised here in USA. . .

There is not just one point that makes us great, but the unity of major points in every one of us as a
diverse Nation composed all from immigrants of our yesterdays into our tomorrows future and it's history.
Our freedom, of course comes from our ideas not our arms, but more and more we think less of our ideas, and more thoughts of our things in the commercial world, that a militaristic society would somehow ensure our freedoms more so than that of the ideals expressed of and in a free and open society we've known.
This can only be a downside of the consumerism capitalistic machine all to present of todays world.

Hypothetically, I guess you could look at this Nation through two different lenses: America versus the United States.
The United States is a sovereign nation with semi-permanent interests that is currently waging a war on terrorism.
America on the other hand, has everything you and I ever dreamed of; transparency, freedom, democracy, opportunity,
due process, fair play and the promise of progress. America is where you work hard and earn your way with respect.

If the two versions existed, it would have to in a kind of complex dance. In good times America leads it's partner.
In bad times, America's dream is but forgotten and the United States dances alone by itself. In these days to show
patriotism is to love the ideals of America despite what the United States is doing in the name of national security.

Diversity is our strength and without immigrants, who dream the American dream, our country is in danger of becoming old.
Without their zest, new ideals and energy, we would weaken to stagnation from generation to generation. Even if we don’t know it yet, we all desperately as a nation need to be reborn through the immigrants eyes and dreams. Their visions, dreams and goals were once held of our forefathers who laid down the fabric that made our nation possible.

I've seen this written about:
The generational cycles of Idealist youth, Adaptives approaching adulthood, Civic adults, Reactive elders reflects the personality type of each generation in a blend, mixture or combination of all it's members, molded by a shared social set of experiences in their youth, and reflected of world views in a generational group as a whole, compounded in theory on a cycle of nurturing/parenting (or lack thereof) from generation to generation. http://www.timepage.org/theory.html

I guess one example can be seen in the music scape of the US from the 50's era onward.
See a related post "We are the world we are the children" of music crossing borders helping the Earth family of mankind-

Happy 241st Independence Day USA ! ! !
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Yeah :)

Young man's outlook - beer, babes, bar-b-que / who's got a boat.
Old man's outlook - who's got the best sales and how many? did you invite.

I wish all a happy and safe 4th :) :D :cool:

Just a Hummm - ever though of the 4th celebration will go digital, like light displays around Christmas - for individuals celebrating. I mean here, I hear to many gun shots that are clearly not fireworks... What's goes up must come down, besides carries a very long distance.
There has even been news reports of people being struck, killed from such happenings and local news have said the police record all this sound at the strike of that hour (New Years eve too), can locate the neighborhoods where most firearms are going off, flag it as dangerous for future police response calls ???
Peace and Love and goodwill to all. . .

Side Note: I don't think there is any regulation on fireworks sales with regards of if you'd be buying currently manufactured or something purchased for consumer sale up to years in the past.
I worked for a guy in a small town and weeks before the 4th he had tents selling fireworks and what didn't sell in past years was first put out in the tents. Heads up or something to think about.
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