[Help] I can't blocking my mobile device.


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I'm going to block an article from a certain reporter.
It is the yellow line in the picture below.

Before Filtering PC page

I used html filter and filtering is good.


After Filtering PC page

However, html filtering is blocking PC but not mobile.
In addition, accessing the mobile page with m. in front of the address is not blocked.

mobile page

I used Device and Browser
PC : windows 10, Chrome and Firefox
mobile : android 7.0, Chrome and Firefox

PC page is https://sports.naver.com/kbaseball/index.nhn
mobile page is https://m.sports.naver.com/kbaseball/index.nhn

Article List and HTML sample is Below

1. https://sports.naver.com/kbaseball/news/read.nhn?oid=005&aid=0001157435

<li class="">
                   <a href="/kbaseball/news/read.nhn?oid=005&amp;aid=0001157435" target="" onclick="clickcr(this, 'mnl.txt', '8800006F_000000000000000001157435', '', event);" title="‘단장-감독 이어 주장 대폭 교체’ FA이적 김현수·강민호 이례적">
                           ‘단장-감독 이어 주장 대폭 교체’ FA이적 김현수·강민호 이례적
    <a href="/kbaseball/news/read.nhn?oid=005&amp;aid=0001157435" onclick="nclk(this, 'ccd_bsb.news', '8800006F_000000000000000001157435', '');">
            <span class="title">
                ‘단장-감독 이어 주장 대폭 교체’ FA이적 김현수·강민호 이례적
            <div class="source">
                        <span class="time _cardtime" data-time="2018-12-17 21:35:04"></span>
                        <span class="provider">국민일보</span>
2. https://sports.naver.com/kbaseball/news/read.nhn?oid=005&aid=0001157410

3. https://sports.naver.com/kbaseball/news/read.nhn?oid=005&aid=0001157362

4. https://sports.naver.com/kbaseball/news/read.nhn?oid=005&aid=0001157434

I think it's because of mobile li class is empty, but I'm not sure.

How to block these article? Help me please.


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Please try this rule:
It should hide every link where this author with that ID is linked to. Please note it is possible another author is linking to an article of the "unwanted" author in his article and then that link and text is removed and the article may look a bit strange.

For $$ rules to work, highest filtering quality should be active in AdGuard for Android.


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I'm sorry to check late.

I tried to apply the rules you gave me. It's blocked. Thank you.

I've already set up high-quality filtering. However, while other HTML filtering works, this rule does not work.