[help]some question about html filtering!


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please forgive my English is poor, i will do my best to describe the question i met.;)

I am studying to edit myself ad filters via official document.

But i met some questions when I study to create HTML filters, the document say the HTML filtering syntax is
rule = [domains] "$$" tagName [attributes]
I find a website to trial it, like https://m.baidu.com, the largest Chinese search engineer on the wrold.
when I type "淘宝" in the search box and try to search it, the result has a item that is a app link. I want to block it. so I write the rule like it
I think it will take effect, but if failed. but when I modify it to
it works!

I don't understand why it works because the document say use "$$" rather than "##"

Can somebody can help me ?:(


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$$ rules remove the element and ## hides them.
Please note only FireFox extension and the applications themselves support $$ rules.


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$$ rules cannot be applied to dynamically created elements(they are absent in the page source code)