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Sometimes there are situations when people encounter certain problems at times of significant updates. As with the problem that the QUIC had to be disabled in order to allow Adguard to filter YouTube.
Instead of people having to come and ask each time, you can let them know through this variable banner that will be updating and changing with the filters. You can also update when there are promotions on license sales. or to advice on some good features.

That way it will be really halpfull and will save a lot of headaches and time for us and you.
I understand that it's a little absurd to put ads in ad blocking software, but it's very useful, so we can turn a blind eye.

You can make thread that will explain the solution and give the link to it through the banner (the banner will say the problem in short and by pressing on it, it will redirect you to the thread)

Example from Bandicam (Screen recording software)

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