Here WeGo? Here we won't go with AdGuard protection


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Android 8.0

I've discovered that Here WeGo maps app doesn't connect to the internet when it's routed through AdGuard.

I can't download voices, maps, traffic. Am I right in thinking that if ONLY AdGuard protection is enabled for an app, then all I'm doing is making the app pass DNS requests to AdGuard?

I select in AdGuard apps management for Here WeGo:
AdGuard protection: ON
Ad blocking: OFF

I've tried also:
Settings / DNS filtering / Select DNS server: System default
Settings / DNS filtering / DNS requests blocking: OFF

AdGuard's filtering log shows no blocked requests from Here WeGo.

The only thing that makes Here WeGo able to download voices, maps, traffic is:
AdGuard protection: OFF

Please can anyone advise me how I can continue to use Here WeGo with AdGuard protection ON, and preferably Ad blocking ON?
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