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More and more frequently I come across sites that can detect that I have an adblocker running. Strangely enough, most of them don't know it's Adguard, but they still know they're being blocked. Is there a way Adguard can hide itself from sites? I can block the elements myself on a case-by-case basis, but I wonder if there's a way to automate that process? Maybe a two-step thing, one to fool the website into thinking it isn't being blocked, and then one to actually block? I'm not a developer, so I'm just spitballing. Thanks for an awesome product!


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As there are severaly ways to check if an adblocker is active, there is no automatic way.

Please post the websites this happens on and your filters, thank you.


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TO ME, the whole point of Adguard (in fact all of 'em) is that they DON'T notify the website ads are being blocked!

They are SUPPOSED to do this at the local machine level, right? And if there is a return or token or cookie that the OFFENDING website needs to get then sure, SEND THAT, but block the RESULT locally. C'mon, it's software -- you can do ANYTHING with software!

The whole point is to NOT let the offenders know they are being ignored!