High CPU load with really fast internet connection


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I have a question regarding Adguard for Windows and its resource usage. I have a 500 Mbit/s down / 50 Mbit/s up internet connection, and when downloading something with full speed or doing a speedtest, AdguardSvc.exe is consuming ~25% CPU (on a Core i7 8700K).
So without Adguard service running, I get ~20% from Edge while doing the speedtest, with Adguard running it sums up to 45% which is actually quite high.

Also I noticed that browsing feels "snappier" without Adguard running. The results from speedtest.net kind of confirm this, because without Adguard the average latency is 9ms, with Adguard it's 20-30ms. I think on modern websites with tons of connections this can accumulate. It's no dealbreaker and it's still fine, but indeed noticeable.

So my actual question is, will this improve with CoreLibs? If it would be the same improvement like on Android with the filtering engine being three times as efficient, then this would be magnificent (if this would mean CPU load goes down from 25 to something like 8% under full bandwidth usage) :)

And a second question connected to this: Am I right assuming, that apps which are not set up to be filtered in Adguard (like game executables), are completely unaffected by the WFP driver of Adguard? So the traffic of for example CS:GO won't be routed through Adguard SVC / WFP driver as long as I don't add the csgo-executable to Adguard and thus it should not affect my ping in multiplayer games at all, right?

Thank you for any help/answers! :)


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Yes, with the new Corelibs this issue won't exist. If you did not add the application to AdGuard filtering, then its traffic will not be passed through it, that's correct.