How does Stealth Mode, Strip tracking paramters work?


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in Adguard I found that option which is enabled and in my opinion very useful, if it would work?

When always I find some URLs with unecessary ref and utm links, they are still 'complete' when I move the mouse over the link and also copy the link.
So I wonder how that option works?

For example, check the links from the comment of Rising Darkness:

Actually I also use "Affiliate Killer" which you can find here:

With this Script installed, many URLs are corrected to the necessary short term.
Again the links in the comment, the long meyerweb and amazon link are corrected. Sadly not Facebook, reddit, steam... but it also works for Google search result.

Anyway, is that the way the option normally should work? What do I miss?


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Not all URL parameters are considered tracking parameters. It is possible though that we need to update our current list. If you think some particular parameters should be blocked (and aren't currently), please list them and we'll consider including them.


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Okay, maybe I have to ask differently.
Which kind of URLs does this option filter/correct?
How does it work?

When I go to and search for something and copy the URL. I get something like:

This URL is not for opening a result, it is only to for stastic of google and then open the site.
There are even Add-Ons which correct:
Affiliate Killer also do + for more sites.

Also Amazon. Just open it, move mousecursor to a product and you get:

The red marked is just junk and completly unnecessary to open the product. Since I can't decrypt the ref, I feel uncomfortable to open URLs like that.

Or the Steam warning when I want an external page:
Of course this is an external site and not related to Steam, I am not dumb. This kind of linking URLs is some annoyance to waste time. There are filters for stupid Cookies alerts, but no for direct linking to URLs. It would like awesome if there would be an option for that.


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@Morku apologies for not replying in time.

In your examples the highlighted text is actually not a parameter but a part of URL, so the Stealth Mode option doesn't work. We need to take this into account in our future updates, perhaps we will ebven create a userscript of some sort that can cut the unnecessary parts of these URLs.

In fact, the list of blocked parameters will be made customizable, this will help a lot.

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@vasily_bagirov -- could we add Facebook's recent 'fbclid' tracking parameter into Stealth Mode? I'm noticing Facebook is starting to bypass this feature quite a lot..

Not sure if the following are parameters, but these are appearing in the address bar following the url with a question mark:
  • __tn__
  • eid
  • hc_ref