How replace Router's DNS with AdGuard Home's Address?


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Hi Community, I'm a newbie. I installed AdGuard home on a Raspberry Pi. I followed the instructions and created UI and it's asking me to add/replace my modem/router DNS/DHCP with adguard's address. I have a Netgear c6300 modem/router. My modem is not accepting the address as a DNS server. Whenever I enter the IP and click apply, it says it's rebooting and after a while, it gets disconnected for a few seconds and when it comes back it's still showing old DNS. I don't have an idea how to make it works. Someone can help me, please? Appreciate your help.
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Please ensure latest firmware is installed. If that is not working, you may try a factory reset.
If both still not work, please contact Netgear.



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Firmware was already updated. I did a factory reset and it fix the issue. Thank you so much.