how to block banners or ads that has random class name


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The website is :, the largest Chinese Search Site on the world that has much ads.

ad example:

whatever you search, the result pages has a banners ad with red background named "百度app", the div tag's class name is random and it changes when you refresh pages.

if one people searches "淘宝",it shows a ad(Chinese: 广告) on the bottom of the result pages, it's class name is random and i don't konw how to block it.

Can someone can help me?

thanks :)


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Please provide the real example.
emmmm, maybe my poor English causes some conflicts.
here is a example again:

The website is :

there is a ad banner in the bottom of the pages and the element's id is random. I want to block it!


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Please make screenshot. I don't understand where are ads at the bottom.