How to block google tag manager if site developer blocked ad-blocking program?


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I recently found site i am using is collecting data via google tag manager, so i tried to block data collecting by adding rules.
like ( ||^ , ||^$,important,third-party,removeparam )
but it doesn't work, and i tried to search how to block google tag manager, there are lots of ways to disable adblockers, how to track&collect data forcibly.

is there any general/universal way that can be applied by any site or program to block tracking or collecting my data? I want to know how to block websites and programs tracking data, or can't i do so?

the site name i want to block collecting my data is


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From what I get, this article will be of help to you as it sheds light on to Stealthmode protection module: Stealth Mode | AdGuard Knowledgebase
This is the guide that can be helpful to you when you want to create your own filters; How to create your own ad filters | AdGuard Knowledgebase
And you can also block any requests made by browsers\applications via Filtering Log at AdGuard>Settings>Ad blocker>Filtering Log

Also, don't hesitate to report any website to our Filters team at GitHub: AdguardTeam/AdguardFilters: AdGuard Content Blocking Filters (

As for your attached links, this does not work.