How to block the exchange of information between and Facebook


Hello there,

I've got brand new Lenovo tablet running Android 10 with the latest free version of Adguard. It also has the native Mail.Ru email client and Lite versions of Facebook app and its Messenger.

I've noticed from logs (see attached) that email client frequently sends some information to IP address that belongs to Facebook. So I am kinda curious what this may be all about, why this is happening and how to prevent the exchange of information without breaking the Facebook services completely on my tablet?

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Maybe.. maybe not.. i haven't always found that to be the case.. I've been trying to sort an issue with the VPN for months and they keep sending me the same email with all the links.. I'm sure it's bots and not a human. In any case, I've had the VPN since they introduced it and the issue is still not resolved.