How to configure userscripts


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Hello, I am trying out AdGuard for PC. I am trying to replace both my AdGuard browser extension & Tampermonkey for scripts. In most cases everything is working fine. But in tampermonket menu, there are options to configure some scripts. Here is an example. I am mostly confused by Mouseover Popup script. In tampermonkey, I get something like this. But in AdGuard, how can I get to this menu.


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This function is not available for browser extensions, but it is in the desktop version of the application.

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That's to edit the userscript. What @bobo89 is talking about is, some userscripts have configuration option menus accessible from the Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey extension button. It's used for things like to open userscript options and other stuff like that.

In 6.x, there was a keyboard command to access a menu in the webpage for this in AG for Windows (Shift+Alt+M), but I don't think it was added to AG for Windows 7.x. IMO, this is something that should be added back (likely to CoreLibs) as a stopgap measure.

I believe (please forgive me if I credit the wrong Team Member) that @Boo Berry in a similar yet much older thread, the easiest way to get userscripts imported was, Find desired script, copy it to a BASIC text file & paste it. Then from Extension tab within AG, start with "Add New UserScript" then use the browse option to go directly to copied script, example: Download folder.
Searching for UserScript here in the forum's can provide quite a daunting task. After reading my "paraphrase" technique (again my apologies if credit was misplaced) it was tested on a Galaxy A8 (2018) with the latest stable release fully updated 1st.
Using I looked at various options for my own testing. When a script was found within "" by going to the "code" tab above the green install I actually found 1 quite useful for my language settings (a copy to follow) by the above mentioned method in combination with X-plore app. A quick creation of a text file within the desired folder, paste then multi window back to import & voila!


(I'M NOT JOKING!!) is described as follows:
Hides scripts for popular browser games and social networks as well as scripts that use "foreign" characters in descriptions. Applies to posts in Forum too.
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