How to create a custom rule for a specific URL of a domain


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I'm trying to create a custom cosmetic user rule to hide a <div> in a specific URL of a domain. For example, I want the rule to only apply to:
but not the entire domain:

Its tricky because the class name of the <div> randomizes every time you refresh the page, and that particular <div> is only present in that one /about page in the domain. I've tried stuff like:

##.randomizedClassName, but as I mentioned its useless because it changes to a new random class name when the page refreshes.

I tried div:nth-of-type(n), which works and consistently hides the <div> regardless of its randomized class name but it applies to the entire domain which hides important elements outside of

Is there anyway to restrict the rule to just and not apply to the entire domain

Any help would be appreciated.


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That did the trick, thank you. I did try using [$path=/about] in my attempts but it seems its placement in the rule was wrong, I placed it after the domain, which is why it would seem that it wasn't working before.