How to fix https issues


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I'm seeing massive slowdowns in page load times when some https pages are filtered. Such as Google (yes generic searches at take about 10 seconds to load) and Wikipedia. As soon as I disable Adguard https filtering or include and exclusion for those domains, the pages load quickly (around 1 - 2 seconds).


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No, it just says can't establish secure connection. No problem with other HTTPs websites from OP.


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No, it just says can't establish secure connection.
We need a log to understand the problem. Please switch logging level to 'debug', try to access Wikipedia website, then switch logging level back to 'default' and send us a message to support through the Adguard built-in support feature. Post here the ticket ID.


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Definitely working fine for me. Are you running the latest OS X with the latest Safari? Have you tested with chrome?


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Boo Berry

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No issues with Wikipedia here, so something is going on there. You might need to enable debug logging and post the logs to help see what's happening.