How to get rid of facebook's "A video you may like"???.....

Tushar Ranjan

New Member
Recently i have started getting a lot of "A video you may like" on my facebook newsfeed. And i am unable to get rid of them. Please help.

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
If you're using Tampermonkey, there's a userscript I recommend that deals with Facebook ads, including A Video You May Like (one of the filter devs can probably look at the script's code to get the selectors needed to block them in the filters).

P.S. IMO, that's way too many filters to be using. Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek is more-or-less dead (no updates in 7+ months, and Reek has disappeared) and the Adblock Protector List is not compatible or usable with Adguard (in fact, it's a blank filter list). I'd advise disabling/unchecking at least those two.

P.S.S. For the filter devs, here's the part of the userscript's code that deals with A Video You May Like;

// Popular Live Video                                                      // A Video You May Like
        'selector': [
            '.userContentWrapper > div > div > div:not(.userContent)',
            '.fbUserContent > div > div > div:not(.userContent)'


Staff member
@Tushar Ranjan can't reproduce. Please post to the 'Missed Ads' subforum if you are still experiencing the issue (make sure to read the posting rules first).

PS: @Boo Berry is right, you can safely turn off at least some of the filters you use, specifically Reek's Anti-Adblock, Adblock Protector and Simplified domain names filter.