How to setup AdGuard IPsec IKEv2 for VPN Router?


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Is there a way to get a config file to setup, is it even possible? If not, will Adguard ever offer VPN router compatibility? I know AdGuard has its own vpn protocol, I’m just asking for the IPsec IKEv2 mode only. This is for pcWRT router to use with multiple devices (Windows, Android, iOS, etc). Thank you for reading.

Boo Berry

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Unfortunately AdGuard VPN doesn't support IPSec, WireGuard, OpenVPN, etc. since as you said AdGuard VPN uses its own AdGuard VPN protocol, so unfortunately there isn't any way to use it on a router at the moment.

If I had to guess, support for devices for routers likely won't be added until the AdGuard VPN protocol becomes open-source and some developer adds support to the router firmware like OpenWrt, pcWRT, etc. There's no ETA for the open-sourcing of the AdGuard VPN protocol right now though.



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Thanks for the quick response. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I was referring to AdGuard VPN app’s Integrated Mode which uses IPSec IKEv2 as shown in the app itself and in iOS vpn settings for example. Unless I’m mistaken and it’s not IPsec as just mentioned? I just thought if it was IPsec/IKEv2 then maybe there was someway to configure it to a vpn router. I just found out about this:
Seems to me like vpn router/PC combo is the better way to approach this going forward. Otherwise I’ll have to wait in the meantime until AdGuard makes it open source, hopefully. Thanks again for the reply.