How to use Adguard (Android) together with Nord VPN?

Onkarjit Singh

New Member
I have Adguard installed on my Android device and I added proxy server like:

Proxy Type: SOCKS5
Proxy Host:
Port: 1080
Proxy Username:
Proxy Password: MyPassword

I believe that proxy host is not obfuscated, since Nord VPN's server list doesn't list Denmark as obfuscated.

I'm using mobile/cellular data and it fails to connect when I press on Check Connection it says that its unable to connect to proxy.

What am I doing wrong?


Support Marine
Staff member
@Onkarjit Singh
Hello there!
Looks like you faced this issue.
It will be helpful if you collect the log files:

- AdGuard > Settings > Advanced > Logging Level > Record All.
- Reproduce your issue(It is desirable to try to connect to several servers).
- Note the time the error occurred and let us know.
- Don’t forget to return to the default logging level.
- Logs can be sent to me at PM