How to use Nordvpn with adguard - Non rooted


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Don't you know that NordVPN has been hacked and many review websites have been deleted Nord from their Top 5 or 10 ranking list? This is confirmed news. So, you must switch to another VPN that works with adguard. Visit unbiased VPN reviews and explore 150+ VPNs with their pricing and details by using amazing tool. You just filter the feature what you want and select your price range, then the tool willl automatically found the list of VPNs that offer those selected features within your selected range of price.
Just FYI, if you still can't get NordVPN Proxy to work with AdGuard VPN on non-rooted Android phones, try server . It is the only one that works for me and NordVPN specifically designates it as a SOCKS5 server. I really hope AdGuard VPN is going to mature. We do need an AIO solution. CyberSec isn't as good as AdGuard for ad-blocking and AdGuard VPN isn't as good as NordVPN.
You were right. The correct server was 3039, not 3909 (typo), but there was very little point in using SOCKS5 for VPN. NordVPN in VPN Mode + AdGuard in HTTP Auto-Proxy Mode (required root) made traffic both encrypted and limited tracking.


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