How to whitelist Google Chrome?

So I've been having an issue with Google Chrome on Android. If I haven't used it in a while, and I select a link to open in Chrome, I get a blank page with the message "DNS redirect detected...", and after about two seconds it will then load the page. If I had recently opened Chrome, it goes straight to the page. I have Cloudflare set in both Chrome and AdGuard using the same settings. I have it the same way in Firefox, but only Chrome is giving the message. If I disable DNS in Chrome, but on in AdGuard, I still get the same message. If I disable DNS in AdGuard, but on in Chrome, I have no issues. I don't want to keep it disabled in AdGuard for everything only because one app (Chrome) is giving me issues. So my question is how can I whitelist (Do not filter through DNS) for Chrome in AdGuard? The only thing I found is user filters, but it only asks/allows for domains. I can't find an option to select from "Apps". Is there a way?