HOWTO use Adguard with a VPN at the same time (Firestick / Android)

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Well, it's almost 2 years old and I guess at some point the video got taken down.

Nonetheless unless you're rooted and can take advantage of the local HTTP proxy option with automatic configuration you'll have to use a VPN that provides a SOCKS5 proxy and use that within AdGuard for Android. The Android OS is limited to one VPN connection at a time. AdGuard for Android uses a local VPN (which isn't a real VPN) to filter traffic and remove ads on your device but it still counts towards the one VPN connection limit imposed by the Android OS.

P.S. The new AdGuard VPN service and app has an automatic compatibility mode with AdGuard for Android so it works pretty much out-of-the-box. Your results with other VPN services will vary, as a lot of them don't provide SOCKS5 proxies.


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Can Adguard be used with BitDefender VPN? I have a yr subscription that I bought out for dirt price..

Wondering if both can work together..


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The closest you will get to using add guard with a VPN like ExpressVPN is to go to wifi settings >> go to DNS change from automatic to private and type in "" so far it has blocked the same amount of ads as AdGuard blocker.