HowTo: use AdMuncher to filter AdGuards traffic for added comfort and privacy


1) WHY would one want to do so???
AM (, now FREE as that a$$h... decided to f*** their paying customers) has some privacy and functionality features that AG has not (yet). IMHO (and as far as I saw the last few days I did so) it does not hurt to use the programs in conjunction (actually chained). Examples of features:
AM1.jpg AM2.jpg

2) So HowTo?
Simply add AdGuard to My filter targets list (and check the checkbox to use it): add/use the term "+adguard:*" (w/o the "")

You might want to disable the use of Default Filters (on [
Default Filters]-Tab), the My Filters are pretty handy (removing ad overlays that AG does not remove).
You may also need/want to disable the "Default filter targets list" (see above screenshot, dropdown My filter targets and choose
Default filter targets, cklich the checkbox besides Use this list. I dunno about this bc. I have a strange/different setup (not browsing on the machine where AG and AM are installed).

HTH, Dolfi

P.S. If you see this post and ask yourself "WHY would I spend money on AdGuard when such a great tool like AdMuncher is FREEEEE.
Read or read their own forums. AM is abandonware, conceptionally 10yr old(!), will die. It's just the few additional features it is really useful for. Hopefully AdGuard will add them sooner or later and we can use a single tool.
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