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Hi Team,

Is there a way I can use Apple Music on my Mac? With Adguard enabled, Apple Music iCloud Library does not update.
How do I add an exception? I am a noob, and I just switch Adguard to Green on wake of my computer automatically.

I don't want to switch to Adguard Nightly (at least, not yet) if this can be resolved with a simple filter.


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Hi, I noticed exactly the same issue on 2 of my Macs. Adguard somehow prevents Apple Music to work correctly with iCloud Music library. I get a popup with an "unknown error" (with the code 9039 or sometimes -9810, or even 11444). I tried many things such as Signin out of iCloud, of Music, quitting Music, restarting, etc. Nothing worked until I disabled Adguard, then everything went totally fine.

I found myself having to disable Adguard too much for other apps, so I might consider asking for a refund.


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Hello there!

Yes, indeed, there is such an issue. We have already reported it to Apple.
Here is a link to GitHub where this situation is discussed.

Do you have any services in "Network preferences" other than AdGuard and Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth?
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Hi @Chinaski !
Oh I didn't know there was already an opened issue with Apple. I managed to make everything work again so... finger crossed.
I do use Little Snitch too, but disabling/enabling the service did not make any difference. Disabling Adguard fixed it. Now it's back on and my Music library syncs again without issue (I am using the latest Adguard version on Big Sur).


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Same problem here. I've researched error -9810 (the one I get most) and it seems to be connected to SSL. The Music app might use certificate pinning to avoid Man-In-The-Middle attacks (Apple actually recommends app developers to also use this), which of course does not work with AdGuard's own root certificate. Theoretically this should be no problem, as the Music app and their underlying services are not in AdGuard's app whitelist, but apparently this is broken since switching from the kernel extension to the new network extension.

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The issue with Apple Music should be fixed in macOS Big Sur 11.2 when it's released as stable.