Https filtering not working on IPv6 for some sites


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Issue: On some sites, filtering fails to work when mobile data is set to use IPv6 (or IPv4/IPv6 and the ISP uses the latter). The cert issuer remains original and ads aren't blocked. Again, I can't reproduce this on all sites, for example Google and Wikipedia is filtered. Https filtering is active and high quality mode enabled.
Workaround: Setting access point to IPv4 does not cause this issue and ads are properly filtered; the cert issuer is Adguard.
Device and OS: OnePlus 5 running Android Pie.
Browser: Chrome on Android
Adguard Version: Latest Beta v3.0.297, also happened on older versions (v2).
I took screenshots of some sites when this happens, both when using IPv4 and IPv6.



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And if you reinstall the certificate - problem is still remains?
Yes, it still remains. I also found that refreshing multiple times sometimes brings back Adguard's cert and goes away, its very random. But I can't do this at all on IPv4.