HTTPS sites are not being filtered


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last night something weird happened with Adguard. all the https sites on all browsers (ie,chrome,firefox) are being unfiltered. i tried every possible damn setting on adguard, installed-reinstalled (versions 5.9,5.10) multiple times (after cleaning cache) but to no avail (and yes i have ticked filter https checkbox). the adguard assistant icon simply disappears from https sites. the filtering works perfectly on non-https sites.

i am using adguard since 2 months, but never before even for a second i had faced any issue regarding filtering, but this issue is very irritating & persistent

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After great tinkering with every setting and every possible combination & permutations i came up with a radical idea(with input from a friend) to delete everything stored in %ProgramData%\Adguard\NetworkTemp\SSL

and voilà the problem disappeared. apparently some (or all) adguard security certificates had gone corrupted.

Now the big question is how they could have gone corrupted on their own all of a sudden?
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