Huawei Mate 10 - very slow internet


Beta Tester
Just about 2 weeks ago, suddenly my phone was acting up. Hotspot was extremely slow and not stable, and browsing on the phone is VERY slow.

I thought my phone was getting lagged.. until I recently remember I had AdGuard on. I turned it off, and boom, my phone went back to normal.

Right now - I have AdGuard permanently off. Sometimes when I turn it back on, the problem will definitely come back after a couple of hours.

And I just recently got the lifetime license :)

Some help appreciated. Thank you.


Support Marine
Staff member
That's weird.
Try to switch to Google DNS or any other, also change the type of server.
Speed problems occur via an LTE connection or via a Wi / Fi connection?


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So far I have noticed it on 4G.

Let me try it on WiFi as well.

Yes I have also switched servers to Google dns but it does not help..


Beta Tester
I tried changing to Google DNS, and still encountered the issue. That's why I turned it off .

On WiFi, phone seems to work fine with adguard on...