I don't understand filters


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I visit a site that will work in some browsers and not others. With the process of elimination, I've determined it's an AdGuard problem. Near as I can tell, I need to either whitelist the domain or somehow filter out the specific object.

I don't understand how to do either.

The site in question is Yad Vashem, https://yvng.yadvashem.org/.
The error I get is "AjaxFailed."

When the site doesn't fail, there is a scrolling banner of images at the bottom of the page. When the page fails, the banner is missing and the search engine gets lost in an endless loop.

Browsers tested (all are the most current releases)

Vivaldi - failed - no extensions installed

Opera - no problems - AdGuard AdBlocker 3.6.17 installed/enabled

Firefox - no problems - AdGuard Browser Assistant 1.3.6 installed/enabled

Edge - failed - no extensions installed

Chrome - failed - AdGuard AdBlocker 3.6.17 / AdGuard Browser Assistant 1.3.6 both installed / tried each disabled and both disabled

  • success after disabling both AdBlocker and Assistant extensions AND desktop AdGuard 7.8
  • when I try to capture the filtering log (it tells you to refresh the page), the problem worsens and there is no log to capture

Filtering log failure.jpg

I'm completely confused and would appreciate some simple instructions how I might resolve this problem.

Update: I found that if leave the extensions alone and just disable the desktop application, the site works in all the browsers. What should I be doing so that I can keep the desktop installed/running and still visit this site.

Thank you.