I have a problem with the program adguard !!! :(

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    Jul 14, 2018
    hi ,
    I previously downloaded the program adguard , I deleted it because the program is cramping For me the program was loaded again
    This picture proves


    The problem now is not here!
    This problem :(
    Of course I did and pressed the download button
    Send me a link to download the program from it and install it as a silent version
    This is a picture

    Those who press him they will come to this talk
    It is written here that it has already been installed adguard !!!
    I searched here and searched and did not find the program in the computer files or in the start menu . :(
    I found that the program was installed on the device but it does not work and no of the program file is displayed on the computer
    This picture proves:
    This program uninstall or change, here the program found but does not work :(

    I want a solution now I suffer from ads :(:(:(
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