IE11 things to know

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If any of you guys are running Windows 8.1 RTM and are using Internet Explorer 11, there's a few things to keep in mind.

If you use the TDI driver, you need to disable Enhanced Protected Mode under Internet options > Advanced section. Scroll down to the Security section and uncheck the option. Also, it's probably wise to uncheck "Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode" too if it's checked. You can also disable it under Internet options > Security, but disabling it from the Advanced section *should* disable it globally. If you're using the WFP driver, it'll filter in Enhanced Protected Mode just fine (both 32-bit and 64-bit). ;)

The reason for that is, IE11 by default enables Enhanced Protected Mode for both 32-bit and 64-bit IE processes. In Internet Explorer 10, if you enable Enhanced Protected Mode, it forces IE to run as a 64-bit process. Also keep in mind if you use IE10 with the TDI filter, make sure Enhanced Protected Mode is disabled too or else you'll need to use the WFP driver.

Adguard 5.6 won't be able to filter IE10 in Enhanced Protected Mode either, so if anyone has an issue with IE10 with filtering, that's probably why. But that won't be an issue anymore past Tuesday.
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We will automate it in next version.

If you try to enable TDI-driver -- Adguard will ask if you want to disable Enhanced Protected Mode.