IMAP Google and Icloud not working in Mail after update 2.6.0


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Since yesterday I got problems with my mail and the latest update Adguard.

It seems that after installing the update my Apple Mail isn't working as usual.
My OS is macOS Big Sur 11.6
When Adguard is turned on, the IMAP connection/inlog get's a failure and the account goes offline.
(notification: username and password are not correct)
When Adguard is turned off the connections are normally working.
I'm not that technical so would love to use some help with this.




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I have the same problem Error IMAP servers on Gmail accounts, icloud and
The latest version of Adguard ( release (CL-1.8.214, DNS-1.6.54)) for Mac OS (10.15.7).


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Same here.
macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Adguard in Kernel mode is not working with Apple Mail application.
Adguard in Proxy mode works.


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Same here on a machine running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 in Kernel mode

Mail on latest release of Monterey in using Network Extension mode working fine.

For now I have disabled Mail in the list of filtered Applications on the Catalina machine to allow Mail to function.


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I don't know how to switch between kernel and proxy. I guess I'm in Kernel mode.
I managed to turn off the filter for the mail and mail works again. So it works for now.


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We apologize for the inconvenience. Developers are working on a fix and will release it ASAP.

As a temporary solution, you can disable filtering for the mail application by going to AdGuard settings -> Network -> Filtered apps -> Disable protection for mail.


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Thanks, I did that and worked fine!
Today I was surprised with another update, which fixes the issue.
Great work guys from Adguard Thumbs up!