Immoscout24 nag screen (MAC)

laughing bear

New Member
As of this morning, Immoscout24 brought up a nag screen telling me that this is my 1st visit to Immoscout24, which I am visiting since > year on a dialy basis, and that I am using an adblocker.

They partnered with Google and offered me a payment scheme (Get a card with 5 Euro, which will automatically top up when below 1 Euro) whereby I am supposed to pay for each page I visit without ads, 100 pages at 1 Euro or visit the pages with the ads.

I know people who think that to be absoluetly the right thing to do, I see this different.

Such enforced Micropayment schemes serve the purpose to monetize Adblock users, further it is known that a large amount of ads inject malware, abuse Javascript and Flash, right down to TLS attacks.