impact on data usage and battery


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Some Adguard competitors make the following claims:
  • "load many websites 3-5 times faster"
  • "browse faster"
  • "will greatly extend battery life"
  • "limit bandwidth use"
  • "speed up your device"
  • "Web-browsing faster than you knew was possible."
  • "all the junk that slows you down is gone"
  • "pages often load 4x as fast"
  • "saves you 50% of your data usage"
One competitor has a very cool page-load-comparison graphic.

It makes sense that blocking content from being downloaded would improve data and battery usage, but I have found few references to this for Adguard.

Do you have any estimates of how much Adguard improves data and battery usage for iPhone (or just in general)?



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Generally speaking, everything stated above is true for any content blocker.

The thing is that exact numbers depend on a website and on the set of filters you have enabled in Adguard.
We've done such test for Android version lately and the result was about 40% bandwidth saved for the following test websites: