[-] Instagram+ - Ads on feed [Android]


Beta Tester
The ads appear randomly in the feed, like normal posts would:
I'm not using the official Instagram app, but rather a modified version by OGMods, found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c54mj51fx5nf4tk/Insta++v10.14.0.apk (official download).

If anyone wants to test this without installing the official Instagram you could try the OGInsta+, which is the same but with a different package: http://www.mediafire.com/file/iackibdacg3tyec/OGInsta++v10.14.0.apk.

I'm using AdGuard for Android with root, proxy mode and HTTPS filtering.
Applied filters: English filter, Spyware filter, Social media filter, Annoyances filter, Dutch filter, Mobile ads filter.

On a sidenote, since this is a modified application there is a small chance they replaced the usual Instagram ads with their own, but I find this highly unlikely since all ads on their website are blocked.

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
Modified or not, there's a chance the app still can't be filtered by Adguard for Android, like the official app.