Installation certificate filters HTTPS impossible in Bluestacks on PC !


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whenever i want to install the HTTPS certificate automatically in the Bluestacks emulator on my PC ,adguard tell me :
" enter the password for storing identifiers "
and i don't have a password!

I also tried to install the certificate manually but the result is the same, this unknown password is requested,
how to do? :( thank you in advance


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In order to install the AdGuard CA security certificate, you must enter the security key.
In other words, this is essentially the key you enter when unlocking the screen.


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Which version of bluestacks in windows are you using.?
I use bluestack 4 in the latest version : V4.215.0.1019
I tried again today :
adguard tells me that in order to install the certificate
-then i have to enter my code or password and it is indeed correct because adguard then goes to the next step.

then in the next step he asks me again to choose a password ,it's probably a bug
so i type again my same password
then after the next step adguard asks me again to define a code or a password ! it is completely buggy with bluestack with this certificat :(
then when i re-enter my password it restarts from zero the same steps I just mentioned ,it's endless

hoping for a future update that fixes this little problem


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A year later this is STILL a problem in Bluestacks 4 (fully updated), any word on a solution? This is just an endless cycle.

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Participo porque el tema de los certificados me ha dado mucha guerra y aún estoy en ella según lo que ya he escrito en: «AdGuard AdBlocker, Firefox and the Android Trusted Credentials».

I participate because the issue of certificates has given me a lot of war and I am still in it according to what I have already written in: «AdGuard AdBlocker, Firefox and the Android Trusted Credentials».

Esto va dirigido a stardust99 y a Raxxial.

This is targeting stardust99 and Raxxial.

No sé nada acerca del Bluestacks. Pero sí algo acerca de los certificados en el entorno de Android. La respuesta que estáis teniendo de la aplicación AdGuard es la correcta. No hay ninguna anomalía en el procedimiento que sigue y os muestra AdGuard. El problema parece residir en vuestra propia falta, CON PERDÓN, de recursos e información.

I don't know anything about the Bluestacks. But yes something about certificates in the Android environment. The answer you are getting from the AdGuard application is correct. There is no anomaly in the procedure that AdGuard follows and shows you. The problem seems to lie with your own lack, WITH FORGIVENESS, of resources and information.

Si en vuestros Bluestacks no podéis establecer una "Screen Lock", AdGuard no podrá escribir de forma automatizada su certificado en el Almacenamiento del Usuario. Ahí es dónde estáis atascados y sin salida.

If in your Bluestacks you cannot establish a "Screen Lock", AdGuard will not be able to automatically write its certificate in the User's Storage. That is where you are stuck with no way out.

Probad a instalar "manualmente" el certificado en el Almacenamiento del Sistema. ¡En el entorno de Android ésta es la solución DEFINITIVA! Puesto que con el certificado en el Sistema, AdGuard no precisa de "Screen Lock".

Try to "manually" install the certificate in the System Storage. ¡In the Android environment this is the DEFINITIVE solution! Since with the certificate in the System, AdGuard does not require "Screen Lock".