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G'day guys!
Please respond to have these requests implemented in AdGuard for Windows and the Integrated Adguard Browser Extension.

The integrated edition of the Adguard extension does not display statistics, feedback or information that the regular stand-alone freely-downloadable extension does. How do the two Adguard browser extensions compare?

A) The benefit of the "Stand-alone Free Adguard browser extension" is it offers statistics and feedback of the no. of "hits" or blocked elements on each page, i.e. greater transparency. The problems is it does not integrate with the Adguard app and synchronise settings and options. Thus, there is no integration between multiple browsers and the OS and its apps, and is a chore to keep setup's in sync.

B) The benefits of the "Integrated Subscriber Adguard browser extension", is it offers direct integration to the main app which means less time mirroring config b/w different browsers, portable browsers, mail clients[sup](?)[/sup], etc. Whatever rules, filters, exceptions, whitelists etc. are also sync'd in all browsers and devices. The problem is it does not offer *any* transparency of effectiveness nor that it is doing its job, plus what it has actually blocked, nor active blocks on the page or any warnings about the pages being visited. Thus, there is no feedback that your Adguard's config is effective nor whether the app is working, something paid subscribers should know.

  • Would you please add a setting in Adguard to enable displaying the number of blocked elements / connections for the active page (as per the free edition) on the integrated extension's icon (in each browser). e.g. This data could be sync'd every page load. Thank you.
  • Would you please display a simple graph and numeric chart representing the ad-blocking filter's enabled and their effectiveness plus the quantity of filter rule hits (blocked elements). Thank you!
  • Would you please implement a connection to have the "Integrated" extension tap into the Adguard app and display:
    • Statistics demonstrating Adguard's "effectiveness" for:
      1. the current browser session,
      2. today,
      3. 24hrs,
      4. 7 days,
      5. 30 days (and this month),
      6. 365 days (and an average monthly Adguard benefit after 2 months),
      7. since install;
    • Which web sites (domains) have posed the greatest risk / threat to your device? Thank you.
    • The total number of hits or matches against rules in each enabled filter? (not showing each rule, just that the number of matches belonging to this filter) Thank you.
    • The total quantity (w/ option to not round up to 1 million, after exceeding 999,999)of:
      1. Adverts blocked,
      2. Trackers blocked,
      3. Malware blocked,
      4. Data or traffic saved (not bandwidth!),
      5. Total percentage of allowed or processed data/traffic against blocked data/traffic;
    • A button to export the statistics to an image (branded w/ Adguard of course) to SHARE the results and benefits with others e.g. social media, messenger, ...
  • <Insert more here!> .... lol :B

Greatly appreciate any feedback or additional input from members. Cheers!


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This is very detailed

It can't it do that ?
Oh you mean the paid windows adguard , the other way round

I uninstalled the new plugin that didn't show any numbers as I thought it was faulty. I must have installed the free plugin? ?

Where do I get the paid plugin again
I can't find it on Mozilla or Chrome plugin library stores,. this should be easy, not this hard


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Yes that's right. The paid Adguard cannot do this. I do not know why but I guess it may have been removed at some stage for them to revisit after their major update writing their new CoreLibs (search the forum for more info - like news updates, etc).

These should be posted or even in the app. I understand why it is hidden on the browser Extension Store.
If you want to get the "PAID" Adguard Chrome extension back, visit this URL: AdGuard Browser Assistant - Chrome Web Store (requires Adguard s/w installed).
For Firefox, the "Paid" Adguard add-on is available here: AdGuard Browser Assistant for Firefox (Adguard s/w required).
If you want to install the "FREE" Adguard Chrome extension, visit this URL: AdGuard AdBlocker (Free) - Chrome Web Store (does not require Adguard s/w installed).
For Firefox, the "Free" Adguard add-on is available here: AdGuard AdBlocker for Firefox (Adguard s/w not required).

Let me know if you have any Q's. Happy to help! :)
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You can also visit here to access the download link to all Adguard Assistant browser extensions (Assistant means for the Paid S/W).

I use Yandex browser on Android and Windows and is much better than Chrome. It is built on Chromium which is where Google builds their Google browser from. For example, you can install nearly any extension in the mobile browser you can on the desktop version, which Chrome has blocked in there browser! Plus there are improved features and security in Yandex browser.
E.g. Going here still installs the Chromium supported extension:


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Oh my gosh
You wrote so much! too much!
Thanx so so so much

I would not have got in this mess if adguard had implemented the statistics I was used to in the free version

I was going upside down crazy - why exclusions and changes and turning off filtering made NO change

And the browser assistant plugins should be easier to find - in the app for example !!

Why couldn't free version have "integration" mode with the stats ? ?? ?

The stats are sooo important
I'm sure if developers paid for software they would want to know the information you wrote in the 3 bullet points above..
They'd want to know it's working!

I can already see 3 posts in this forum about ě this already
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Each web browser's extensions API has limitations (with some being more limited than others), which could mean these requests may not be possible to do, e.g. displaying things like stats through the Browser Assistant browser extension from the standalone AdGuard apps.

You might request these on the GitHub tracker for the Browser Assistant, located here, so the developers can see it and respond if it's possible or not - I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't because of those limitations: