Interferences with Mac Mail IMAP accounts and site loading issues


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I love AdGuard for Mac, but there have been two issues that have been ruining my experience for a while.

Short summary:

Issue 1:
IMAP mail accounts in Mac Mail randomly stop working (all go offline).

Trying to reconnect gives the error “Connection to [...] on default ports timed out”.
There are two ways to fix:
a. Disable and re-enable protection in AdGuard for Mac
b. Restart Mac Mail

Issue 2: Certain websites on Safari don't load fully and just "hang in there" until they are reloaded.

One site where it happens very often is with a logged-in account, but can happen on pretty much any web page with many elements. Reloading, either by clicking the link bar and pressing Enter, or using the reload button, instantly fixes it.

Bonus issue: Rarely and very irregularly, when visiting YouTube in Safari, it says that no account is logged in, despite never logging out.

On top, it says "Sign in". Clicking on videos or browsing YouTube doesn't change it, either. Trying to upvote or comment on a video also leads to the "Please log in" alert. However, reloading the page by pressing the reload button fixes it. The account is suddenly logged in.

If these issues were fixed, AdBlock for Mac would be perfect for my usage. Please tell me what I can do to help you solve these issues. You have my full cooperation.

Below, I added some additional info for you.

----- More detailed information ------

- MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021), Apple M1 Max, running macOS Monterey (12.5); these issues have been happening ever since I got the MacBook with 12.1.
- Whenever AdGuard for Mac was uninstalled for testing, the advanced method was used.
- All these issues appear in all current and recent versions (release, beta, nightly) since at least December 2021.

Issue 1:
- It only affects IMAP accounts. Microsoft Exchange accounts continue working in Mac Mail and are not affected by this bug.
- It happens especially often after waking the Mac from sleep. However, it can happen randomly, while the Mac is running, as well. Just much less often.
- It never happens when AdGuard for Mac protection is off. It's not necessary to completely quit the AdGuard for Mac application.
- Mac Mail settings do not affect it. The bug is not related to the "Protect Mail Activity" or "Hide IP Address" features.
- network.extension.monterey.force.split.tunnel does not affect this issue.

Issue 2:
- When a website in Safari hangs and AdGuard for Mac is (globally) turned off during the hanging, the site instantly loads/ finishes loading.
- AdGuard for Safari does not cause this issue. Only AdGuard for Mac.

Bonus issue:
- Obviously, webcache and cookies have been cleared many times for testing purposes. It did not affect the issue. Eventually, the same bug would happen again.
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I have similar problems. The Facebook News Feed no longer loads many elements on the page. I also see the problem with mail.


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It seems related to my workplace DNS. It doesn't happen with Wi-Fi or at home. So it could be a issue not relevant to ADGuard or maybe a sum of two issue casing it


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As of macOS Ventura 13.2.1, these issues are still present. It feels like issue 1 got worse.

However, I found out that it only happens when a Microsoft Exchange account is connected to Mac Mail.

Basically, if you only use IMAP accounts with Mac Mail, this doesn't happen. If you have at least one Exchange account connected in Mac Mail, AdGuard kicks all IMAP accounts with the error “Connection to [...] on default ports timed out”, while the Exchange account continues working as usual.

Turning AdGuard off and on again fixes it. Alternatively, restarting Mac Mail fixes it. Too bad the devs aren't looking into it anymore because this really ruins my experience. I never know when my IMAP accounts have disconnected in the background, as it happens somewhat randomly.


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I'd like to chime in on this issue. Recently I bought the family plan as I really like AdGuard Pro for iOS and I wanted to extend the protection to my Mac.

Now I have exactly the same problem as described here. Whenever I wake my Mac from a long sleep (e.g. over night) and open Apple Mail, there's the triangle with the exclamation mark and my IMAP accounts didn't sync. Clicking on the triangle doesn't solve the issue and the connection doctor finds no issues. Disabling one blocklist after the other didn't help either.

What helps: Restarting Apple Mail or disabling and enabling AdGuard for Mac. This really bothers me as I miss on some Mails.

Furthermore this seems to drain my battery (278,72 in the last 12 hours) more than usual, as Mail tries to sync the emails (and I'm not sure if the Mac really goes to sleep):
Battery drain.png

Can somebody confirm the issue and is there any solution? Could it be a certain blocklist / setting? Do you need any logs?

I'm using a MacBook Pro 14" (2021) and macOS Ventura 13.2.1. I'm using all the stock AdGuard filters (except for unblocking search ads and self promotion) and the following other filters:

Edit: I just found another thread and I'll try the suggestion I got there:
As a temporary solution, you can disable filtering for the mail application by going to AdGuard settings -> Network -> Filtered apps -> Disable protection for mail.
Of course this isn't an optimal solution as I want to filter tracking pixels etc. in Apple Mail. But I'l test if this is a temporary workaround!
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I've had this issue for a year or more and out of frustration reinstalled macOS and even got a new computer - I wish AdGuard made it more obvious that it was doing this. Disabling Mail filtering immediately fixes it, as per

Even if it's hard to fix at the AdGuard end, could you please implement a feature to alert the user and to offer to switch it off for them? Most people won't make the connection between email timeouts and AdGuard - I certainly didn't, and I thought I was technically proficient!

I've spent the last year or so googling issues with Mail mail and VPNs, gmail and VPNs, gmail timeouts on Mac Mail etc but not in a million years did I think this would be the culprit.

I can also confirm the Exchange theory - one of my accounts is a Hotmail account, which runs under the Exchange account type in Mac Mail