Internet Download Manager (IDM) Conflict


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[Windows 10] Internet Download Manager (IDM) Conflict

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Windows 10 Pro (x64)
Chrome 45.x (x64)
Adguard 6 Latest Beta

To make long story short:

After realize that Adguard 5.10 was a bit laggy on Windows 10, I went to latest V6 beta; Much better than V5 in terms of stability, performance and UI. But I realized it does conflict with IDM. As the screenshot already shows, the IDM download options seen on chrome´s context menu are greyed out (unavaliable).

I tried to re-install chrome, re-install IDM itself...also re-checked all integration options between these two programs (Chrome and IDM). Everything set correctly...

I re-checked and researched about all Windows 10 prior settings and nothing related was found...A fresh OS and fresh installed.

Then I disabled Adguard V6 (exit from taskbar) and opened Chrome. Eureka...IDM download options are normal and avaliable again. Off course, exiting Chrome, re-launching Adguard and re-opening Chrome again = IDM grey out option on menu.

Before I figured out myself the problem was Adguard, I even contacted IDM support team with a log of my IDM settings attached. But they could not explain what was the problem...

So, I´m here to say Adguard 5.10 for some reason acts unstable and laggy on windows 10, so no use for me...and V6 beta despite of being an improvement over V5 on all aspects (UI, performance, stability) has this issue with the best download manager known for windows.

Will hopefuly wait for a fix.

Best regards.
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This is a problem Chrome 45.x (x64), the integration of third-party plug-in programs.

IDManager - wonderful.
I don´t think there´s a problem with Chrome x64 since with AdGuard disabled everything works as it should. It´s always easy to blame someone else. For me, Adguard is faulty on this scenario.