Internet slowed down on Xiaomi MiPad 2


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Hi there,

when AdGuard is turned on, loading times increase drastically. Often I get timeouts.

I'm using XBrowser and Flipboard. The browser normally loads websites very fast, but with AdGuard on, it takes forever. Timeouts or connection reset errors are common. When I whitelist the browser using its own adblock feature instead, loading times are normal.

Same with Flipboard.

I tried turning everything off in AdGuard, Filter, DNS, Stealth Mode. No affect on loading times. Only when I turn off AdGuard completely, everything goes back to normal. VPN is slowest, switching to local proxy increases speed a little bit.

Same configuration on my Samsung Note 8 gives no problems, AdGuard is running smoothly there.

Since Flipboard blocks out most ads but keeps trackers, I really want to use it only with AdGuard on.

Is there anything else I can do? Thank you.
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Hello there!

You should try to test the situation in the Chrome browser for example.
Also, try to reset the low-level settings and try running the configuration Wizard. Any changes?