[iOS] Adguard IOS shows advertisements again


Is the free version of Adguard now showing some sort of "acceptable" ads? This due to browing my favourite sites and being presented with google ads. Ive turned on any setting there was in relation of block list(s) but appearantly its still passing through. Whats the deal here?

I know most adblock party's take money from publishers in order to show the very minimum of ads. But i'd like to have this tracking to a complete zero.


Which sites are affected?
Have you ensured that ’filter unblocking search ads & self promotion’ is disabled?
So you guys can assure that adguard is'nt paid by i.e google to allow "acceptable" ads as they do with Adblock or Ublock on Windows?

Ill consider a pi-hole for at home.


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Correct. We are not paid to allow specific ads. The search ads and self-promo unblock filter contains exclusions only for self-promo and search result ads.

pi-hole cannot hide ad left-overs or ads hosted on non-adservers.