IoT/Smart Home apps increasingly breaking due to AdGuard


Beta Tester
Over the last few months I've become increasingly aware of the number of Smart Home, IoT, etc. devices that experience issues due to Adguard.

For example:

iRobot Roomba:
1. Adding the robot vacuum to the app (after it already detected) kept failing until I stopped AG then it worked first time.
2. Using the "Locate" function to get the vacuum to make a noise fails. In the app I notice that the app cannot report which WiFi network the vacuum is on (phone/tablet and vacuum need to be on same WiFi network for Locate to work) and so the locate function fails. As soon as I disable AG, the app is able to report which WiFi network the vacuum is on, and Locate works. Video Doorbell and Chime extender:
1. Like a lot of WiFi based Smart Home devices, to connect it to your home WiFi network, it first creates a WiFi htspot that your phone/tablet needs to connect to, and then you connect it to a WiFi network. After detection, the configuration portion would always fail until I disable Adguard.

Now, I appreciate that in Adguard I can go into the Apps Management find the specific app and then turn on and off specific settings, e.g. Enabled On/Off, Ad blocking On/Off, HTTPS filtering On/Off.

Would it be recommended to simply Disable on a per app basis when encountering the types of issues mentioned above?

More broadly, for every other person that will unwittingly encounter a similar issue, they may have no idea why their smart device config is failing. Should there maybe be a global Blacklist of apps to not filter? Or do you want to investigate these sorts of app specific issue further to 'profile' the app and define a global custom config or alert for any user that installs the app that might also have Adguard installed?


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@AnthonyB wow, that's an unusual issue. We will have a hard time reproducing it obviously, so we can only try to investigate the logs. Can you please collect, export and send us the logs?

Other than that, yes, disabling the filtering for these apps is the only solution for now. Maybe we will have to add these apps to the default exclusions.

David Burton

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I'm a new Roomba user and have recently noticed the same issue. Setup for the Roomba fails unless adguard is disabled. Additionally other features of the irobot app fail unless adguard is disabled.

One thing to note is that during Roomba setup, the robot creates it's own WiFi network.