iPad firefox adguard compatible question.


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I use Firefox and Adguard on my iPad.
However, Firefox does not block AdGuard's advertisement.
Is there a solution?
I used a translator because I couldn't speak English. I hope we can communicate. Thank you.

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#1: Bring up AdGuard Pro.

#2: Click the shield icon in the bottom toolbar.

#3: Click "DNS Protection" (don't click the switch). This will bring up the DNS Protection page.

#4: Enable DNS protection, if it's not already enabled.

#5: Click "DNS implementation".

#6: Select the AdGuard DNS.

That will let AdGuard block ads across all apps.

Fair warning: This DNS ad-blocking is crude, but it's the best the AdGuard app can give you without Apple kicking AdGuard out of the app store. In other words: Don't be surprised if ads make it past the ad-blocker, don't expect the quality you're used to from AdGuard. I think Firefox has a built-in ad-blocker (they might call it a "tracker blocker"), I'd recommend enabling that as well.
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