Is AdGuard automatically blocking Trackers?

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With AdGuard filters enabled (say, in my case: AG base filter, AG mobile ads filter, AG spyware filter, AG social media filter), are all the Trackers detected - which I can see as highlighted entries in the DNS Requests Log - being blocked?

Do I need to add the domains of these highlighted entries to my blacklist to actually prevent data from coming through to/from those domains?

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New to AdGuard Pro and coming from Adblock (which also set up a bogus VPN and operates in a similar manner). I found I was having to frequently reactivate Adblock or the ads would start again. Other than that it worked flawlessly. I decided to give AdGuard Pro a run as the price was reasonable and the reviews good. So far so good. I was a little disappointed at learning (after purchase) that Apple is axing permission for certain (desirable) featuresin these types of apps. Just need to remember not to update them!

As to the OP's question I'm surprised after so many views, that no one has sought to assist.

I can answer the first part - the tracker are being detected and, if not red in the log, are not being blocked. The amber one are detected but not blocked.

As to the second part of the question, I too would like to know whether there is any advantage in adding these 'trackers' to the blocked list. Are they harmless or does blocking them interfere too much with websites? - Anyone?

Ok found an answer (hope this helps OP).
Trackers are marked yellow color in DNS requests log. Basically it means that they were detected, not blocked. Due to Apple policy we can not interfere with other apps, but you can decide for yourself if you want to block those requests.
So trial and error. Block it and see if any services break. If they do remove block from black list.
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Adguard filters are being updated every day. It removes trackers from the list if they break a website/app. You can always add them manually, but they will break. If they don't break, please let us know and the team will add the trackers back to the filterlist.
Dave009, I appreciate the thoughtful reply. I was too surprised nobody chimed in prior to you. Thank you for explaining the meaning behind colorations in the DNS log file.

Worldsdream, we are curious as to if what is shown as amber/orange/yellow in the DNS log are requests being blocked, i.e., not fulfilled, or if they are merely being flagged as to say "This is a tracker, but we haven't stopped it from loading on the page which you are browsing."


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The DNS log in AdGuard Pro app is only showing the detected trackers, but not blocking them due to Apple policy.
If you are changing DNS to AdGuard DNS, then they get blocked like worldsdream described if they don't break anything.
Thanks for your response Blaz.

With the AdGuard Default enabled, everything marked as a detected tracker (please see attached) is a DNS request that is blocked, i.e., going unfulfilled?