Is enabling simplified domain names filter together with the individual filters redundant?


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I have configured my router to use Adguard's DNS service. And on Adguard itself I have enabled the simplified domain names filter. Since that filter is "composed from several other filters (English filter, Social media filter, Spyware filter, Mobile ads filter, EasyList and EasyPrivacy) and simplified specifically to be better compatible with DNS-level ad blocking", does that mean that I should disable those other individual servers?

For instance, if I have the simplified domain names filter enabled, as well as the individual English filter, EasyPrivacy, EasyList, etc., is this overkill? Will this redundancy just slow down the speed at which the pages load, or it's safer to keep both the simplified domain names filter and the individual filters enabled?


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DNS filtering is quite rough compared to the full-scale Adguard ad blocking.

So no, it won't be an overkill at all.