Is Malware Domains Blocklist Still Supported?


Beta Tester
I am asking if the Malware Domains Blocklist is still supported because it is not being updated.

Well, technically, it IS being updated, but the actual contents are hardly changed. Most of the updates are just the dates and checksums changing.

As an example, the comparison of the changes made from 30 May to 1 June should be much more than just these useless changes:

And its the same story most of the time, update after update.

I would have thought that malware domains would be undergoing massive changes hourly, let alone daily.
I'm sure a lot of bad domains would be added and some false positive domains would be removed all the time, however, I have noticed that the list is hardly updated at all expect like I said the dates and checksums.

This gives users the impression that the list is always being updated, especially on my mobile as I see it update all the time because I have manual updates configured and every time I do an update, the Malware Domains Blocklist is updated.

So can anyone please advice on this?
Why so many updates with only the date and checksum changed?

Surely a huge list that isn't refreshed continually isn't a cry good thing, especially since malware domains come and go so quickly.