Issue with streams


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Hi your twitch link is working fine my end (video and chat appeared), no idea what the script is ment to do so didnt apply it.


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Yeh sorry i used chrome didnt knoww hat kmeleon was until just now my bad.

edit: i see you are also from the abandoned admuncher.
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They'll post once they get a chance to look into it (the new week just started for them). In the meantime I'll see if I can reproduce it.

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See your other thread regarding the error you got on HTTPS sites, I figured out the issue with a manual fix - it'll fix Twitch videos too!

The actual issue is, Adguard's certificate, which is needed for HTTPS sites, wasn't being automatically imported into K-Meleon. Firefox and Firefox-based browsers (like K-Meleon) seem to have issues with the certificate being added and that's what happened here. Twitch seems to use HTTPS for videos, hence why they'd never load.