Issues with Free Version of AdGuard VPN


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I’ve been using AdGuard VPN on my M1 Mac and iPhone without a license, and at a certain point, the VPN stops working properly altogether. I tried to sync with iMessage in iCloud, run some apps that use the internet, even try to open a webpage, but none of them work. I eventually shut down the VPN, and then everything starts working again. Even worse, while I was using the VPN, Facebook thinks I’m not the one trying to log into my account, and locks me out until I verified my identity, which wasn't a problem because I was able to receive a code to my email, but still…frustrating. I was able to link the connection loss behavior with enabling Connect On-Demand for the VPN. Additionally, could the connection loss issue be linked to me running the free version of AdGuard VPN?


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Did you notice that the free version offers only 3gb of data per month for the same account shared on all devices?