IT's doesn't working in mobile data.


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Hi. I used AdGuard for Android.
When I used this app in Wifi, It's working. But, I used the mobile data(LG U+,Republic of Korea), It's doesn't work. Why doesn't working in mobile data? I usually used mobile data. So I want to know how can I fix this problem. thanks.

p.s. When I used this app ver 2.11, It still working. But I upgraded this app, then it's doesn't working.
If I could downgrade, how can I do this?


Open AdGuard - Settings - Advanced - Low-level settings - pref.vpn.disable.reconfigure should be checked.


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I'm also having this problem. when wifi on, it blocks the ads, but with mobile network, it doesn't filter any ads.

"pref.vpn.disable.reconfigure" is already enabled.

what should I do to resolve this issue?


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What's the AdGuard version? HTTPS filtration is on?

adguard android 2.12.247
I've been using adguard for over 2 years without this issues and recently I got this new phone. seems it hasn't worked with mobile data since then.
It's android 8 and yes, https filtering is on.

not sure if it matters but I also use a korean mobile telecom. but not u+, mine is skt.

Edit: I found people using SKT as a mobile carrier have the same problem and some said checking "pref.vpn.ipv6.disable" fixed it.
However this fix is not working for me so I left a comment on adguard github. Please check it out.
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That's a kinda weird thing, can you try with a new nightly build?
yep. Like you said and according to Dodegun's reply on github, the fix not working since v2.12.233, and it's working on a nightly build.
So it's sorted out for me after installing a nightly build and checking pref.vpn.ipv6.disable.

Thank you :D