Keefox can't connect to Keepass


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I installed adguard today (until now I have been using another standalone ad remover) and I find your application outstanding.
I use KeePass password manager ( with Keefox Firefox addon ( Keefox is both Firefox and Keepas plugin, so its Firefox part communicates with Keepass part to get/set user name/passwords etc. When adguard is enabled Keefox cannot connect to Keepass. If I disable adguard temporarily it connects without any problems.

I'm eager to help, I can provide any details you need to investigate the reason (even teamviewer remote session) If it works I'll buy the license immediately :)

I found a solution. I just installed keefox experimental version ( which changed communication method and it works properly with ad guard!
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Thank you for posting a solution!

We'll check keefox stable version though.